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Making It Initiative >> 

Making It is an initiative by the Suffolk Craft Society offering recent graduates the opportunity of support in bridging the gap between education and the market place. The award offers successful applicants a two year period of membership to the Suffolk Craft Society. During this period participants will have access to Exhibition selling opportunities, a supportive network of fellow professional artists/makers, the Friends of the Society and promotion through the website. 
Applicants must have graduated at degree or diploma level in the last three years, be resident in Suffolk or have strong Suffolk connections, or live on the borders of the county. Up to three awards will be offered each year and the selection panel will be looking for: 
• A high standard of design, originality, execution and presentation 
• Applicants who are in the situation to be productive enough and show the professional will to take full advantage of this opportunity 
Applications and enquiries are to be made by email. For further information download the Award Information file below. To make an application download the Award Application and save it to your computer. Open the application form from your computer and complete the application, then attach the application and four jpeg images of your work to an email and send it to  
Next application deadline - 30th January 2017 
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