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Suffolk Craft Society Summer Exhibition 
15th July - 28th August 2017 
Peter Pears Gallery, High Street Aldeburgh 
Our Summer Exhibition is over for this year but if you would like more information about the Suffolk Craft Society please contact - and we will add you to our mailing list. 
Aldeburgh 2017 Poster
Talks and Demonstrations by Exhibitors 2017 
On certain days various makers will be available to talk to you about their work, show you the tools of their trade and maybe even give you a demonstration. 
Clare Gaylard
Clare Gaylard - 19th July 
Clare sculpts with rods of Murano glass in an intense flame to create unique sculptures, vessels and wearable art. She creates her own detailing and inclusions and every element is created entirely in the flame. ‘I am inspired by people, places, objects, artefacts and stories. My glass tells stories, celebrates colour, pattern, light and the beauty of the small.’ 
Emma Buckmaster
Emma Buckmaster - 21st July and 16th August 
Emma’s atmospheric prints are inspired by the East Anglian landscape. Fishing boats drawn up on the beach, a sea mist, glimpsed figures on the shoreline, the east wind and ancient oak trees introduce a sense of nostalgia and memory revisited. The prints are created using a limited palette and complex etching and relief techniques. Influences include the work of the early British landscape artists as well as the etchers and engravers who translated their work to print. 
Helen Maxfield
Helen Maxfield - 29th July  
Helen creates limited edition linocuts from her home studio near Needham Market in Suffolk. Black and white designs have a bold, graphic quality where she enjoys the mark-making potential of the medium. Coloured designs are created using the 'reduction method' where each colour is printed one at a time and further lino is carved away in between printing. 
Helen Dougall - 3rd August 
Helen's batik wallhangings are based on her observation of landscape. She is particularly interested in the perspective patterns seen across fields and the effect of sunlight on stubble fields or wet, undulating beaches. She, also, uses the abstract shapes that occur when sunlight casts shadows across a still life. 
Anne Schwegmann-Fielding
Anne Schwegmann-Fielding - 5th August 
Anne makes sculptural mosaics using recycled materials, predominantly crockery. Using objects with a history is a key element in her work. The inclusion of other materials such as buttons, glass, coins and jewellery are typical. Patterns and shapes from Vintage and Victorian crockery are painstakingly cut by hand with the use of one simple tool. 
Lynn Foster - 26th and 27th August 
Abstract and asymmetrical are the words that most accurately describe my design style. Inspiration comes from painting, sculpture, architecture, design, fashion, jewellery -- almost anywhere I see something that I think could work in glass. I am particularly drawn to both mid-century modern and Japanese design, and artists that have had a significant influence on my design sensibility include Malevich, Ben Nicholson and Tapies. 
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